In the areas of mobile, broadband Internet value-added services, branch of the Heilongjiang Public Information Industry Co Ltd is China Unicom Corporation's long-term strategic cooperative partnership. Product R & D system covers the mobile Internet, broadband Internet portal, integration, information technology industry and many other areas of communication value-added service applications that have the unique advantage of the industry, and the services had already been widely used in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and other cities.

The public information company is responsible for constructing and operating the Heilongjiang information port ( that is the largest public information platform and information portal in the province of Heilongjiang. Since 1997, the company had constructed the Heilongjiang information port and one after another company constructed the informationized project of Heilongjiang provincial government, project of the largest broadband video interactive platform of Heilongjiang province, Chinese Unicom Group CNCMAX web site Project and other large network engineering and software system. Research and development of "eye view" of remote video monitoring software, "IT consultants" network office system software and other more than ten products gain software product registration certificate. "City life portal system", "integrated intelligent system", "CMS content management platform", "website advertising management system", "network office system software" and "online payment platform" and other products in the domestic leading position. Customer service, including China Unicom, China Mobile, the Heilongjiang provincial government, Harbin City Hall, the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province and hundreds of other governments and enterprises.

In the area of electric technical service and training, the branch of group--- the Information Port( is the first high-tech enterprise that engaged in Internet application services professionally in the province of Heilongjiang, to software products, professional e-commerce excellent supporting Internet integrated marketing promotion, complete e-commerce training system had provided professional, efficient service of Internet technology for thousands of enterprises and customers that engage the trade with Russian.

In 2011, company reached cooperation with company Google to become the only dealer of Google Adwords products in Heilongjiang Province; In 2013, company became the first-level agent in China of Yandex that is the first Russian searching brand.

Company in Heilongjiang province to develop the Russian business opportunity, fully into the Russian business market. Independent research and development of RU-SHOP on the Russian business platform, which can meet the trade to Russia's users online exchange, display, ordering and payment of complete shopping process, can also provide Russia cloud storage service for the user, to solve the logistics problems in international trade; at the same time, as the agency of Russia's Ross the first search brand Yandex northeast three provinces most scale, domain name registration, providing the Russian space purchase and Russian business. In 2013 the company began to expand the business, business training, successfully held the field of micro marketing as well as the Russian electronic commerce offline training, by the small and medium-sized enterprise managers attention and praise.

In the field of E-commerce of digital imaging, the Heilongjiang public digital network Co. Ltd. and Beijing Guomai Technology Co. Ltd. are the largest operators of E-commerce of digital imaging in China that committe to provide customers the whole service of digital imaging printing, personality customized gifts of digital imaging and the services of the network storage and sharing of digital photo.

The company independently developed the network Digital Printing platform "with the leading domestic level of public printing network" (, has a membership of one million; business "tablet" flagship store ( is one of the largest shopping mall Digital Printing Tmall; independent research and development of APP "passport", launched a week into the top ten name, as APP STORE's star product. The company established in Beijing, Harbin, Chongqing three production bases and offline flagship store, day production capacity of 200000 photographs, the service scope covers all over the country. The signing in 2008 and Chinese Unicom Group, become Chinese Unicom Group "exclusive partner print my world" broadband services.

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